There are problems, but DeFi could be regtech revolution.
The way to deal with the power of BigTech is not to break them up, but to open them up.
Are notes and coins really the best backup?
And asking everyone to prove their identity is not it
Open banking is coming to America, and that means a new vision for the future of financial services.
When it comes down to it, it doesn't matter whether you are sending dollars or Dogecoin, the cost of identity is more than the cost of money.
Crypto assets are about new financial markets and institutions, not new money. That's why they are interesting.
Shared ledgers won't replace institutions, but they might replace auditors.
19th July - 10.30am
Never mind arguing about whose face should be on the back of banknotes, whose face should be on the front of them?
The long game is about productivity
The next generation of financial services is about robots providing services to other robots (and making better decisions than people do)