The big change in financial services comes not when banks get AI, but when customers do.
A new transaction space for new financial services.
What were my Forbes readers interested in last year? And a couple of predictions for 2023...

December 2022

Why do I think this? Because we've been here before. More than once.
A Yuletide story of a King's ransom, coins and carucage.
Should we look to artists or technologists to show us a vision of the future of money?

November 2022

Scotland could once again become the hub for financial innovation.
I subscribe to the maps, why not to the heads up display or the heated steering wheel?
Three key areas where experts (including me) think the industry can move faster.
They are not the same thing so stop comparing them.

October 2022

There's no such thing as a free lunch, or free miles.
Why bother changing the face on banknotes?